Combat Pilot?

Fred Dabney
Thu Jan 13 17:06:38 EST 2000

> Many of us, who live this life are energized, by the road, the
gigs etc...
> the conditions you find horrible are far from it for any road
> Hell, I play in Savannah GA on a Saturday night and drive after
the gig
> 900-1000 miles to play at 6 PM Sunday
Massachusetts and love
> every minute of it.

To each, as they say- but I've seen a few acts here in the summer,
it's obvious they needed a night's rest they didn't get.

That drive between Dallas/Ft. Worth/Austin etc and El Paso in the
summer is a killer- and while you and other musicians may thrive
on the road, others are frazzled beyond belief.

I'm glad it works for you, since I have no reason to wish ill of
just so I can get /my/ kicks with the music, but I have felt very
sorry for some of the people I've gone to hear.

Fred D.

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