Rich Gonzalez rgonzale@soleil.acomp.usf.edu
Sun Jan 16 14:16:06 EST 2000

bonnie kalmbach wrote:

>        I hope they pay attention to your message. I and other list
> members have said the same thing many a time - but then get
> accused of being an "ostrich" or  even a "coward" for suggesting
> the use of filters. Some people on the list simply do not get it that
> their responses to Rick contribute to the problem.

bonnie kalmbach (6/10/99):
>Your examples don't fit this situation. If people use their
>filters, nothing damaging happens. If I were to yell an insult
>at you in the desert 1000 miles from anyone and no one heard,
where is the damage.

responding zeller (6/10/99)
Let me get this straight.  You don't want people to post Blues
gigs on a Blues list and you want to allow Rick to say whatever
he wants about whomever he wants whenever he wants. And you
don't want anyone to complain about it or try and improve
things other than ignoring it. That about sum it up?

bonnie kalmbach (6/10/99):
>the problem is with all of the
>people who stupidly respond to the provocateurs. Their posts
>are in the majority.

responding zeller (6/10/99)
Excuse me, but did you just call me stupid for defending myself
in a public forum against a totally unwarranted attack with no
basis in truth?

Over 7 months later. No change.

I think that the term ostrich was associated with your
opposition to the moderation of the list.  Not the use of
No one opposes anyone else's decision to use filters.

In any case, why doesn't bonnie just take her own advice and
..uh...delete them. Why do you find time to respond to the

You are not consistent.
Just delete them.
It's your own advice.

Rich G.

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