ADMIN: Patience with the Mommies
Sun Jan 16 10:52:48 EST 2000

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<< If there is only ONE option (this listmom group's favored
 tactic), it'll be highly suspect. Three months for only one
 option would be unusual, no? >>

If we begin an open dialog on this move prior to the move it will never
occur, given the very diverse set of personalities here and the obvious
differing agendas and perspectives.  We must leave it to the folks who
stepped forward valiently to serve as ListMoms, and trust their vision and

Remember that being listmom here is NOT A FULL TIME PAID POSITION...Our
listmoms are volunteers (and, I might add, there is NOT a waiting list thirty
deep to want this highly nervewracking underappreciated job).

I suspect that those associated with management of this list MIGHT just have
a real life away from their computer (or a real job associated with their
computer....) that absorbs some of their available capacity and has a higher
spot on their personal food chain than Blues-L.  As such, they are most like
NOT spending an anguishing 15 hours a day on this move.

I suspect they will make a decision that will ultimately annoy someone on
this list, and that thirty or forty posts about their decision
(right/wrong/otherwise) will happen regardless of the number of options
available...  Let's just let them take ownership of and execute this task...
Let's get on with the Blues....

"Blues you can use.."

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