the Wolf: PLEASE read now PLEASE STOP

Rich Gonzalez
Sat Jan 15 13:40:45 EST 2000

 Sonny Goldreich wrote (re: a zeller passing on rumors):

> Isn't the following bunch of J. Winter rumors drawn from exactly the same
> stinking well  that produced the calumny poured on Muddy?
> If you know your concert stage crew source likes to exaggerate, why pass on
> his story?

Why pass it on? Well it would be conistent with an unethical
attempt to pass on gossip without any responsibility for the
damaging effects of doing such.

Here's what he can say...

If they turn out to be true: "Hey, I TOLD you about that!"

If they turn out to be false: "Hey, I SAID it was suspect!"

One has it both ways.


Rich G.

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