Boundries, limits or just Rules? (WAS: Blues Crisis ?)

chuck n.
Sun Jan 16 17:55:23 EST 2000

>Not arguing, Chuck... In Lightnin's case, he didn't HAVE to
>think about it. It just came naturally to him.  This is
>what makes the greats great and the pretenders have to work
>at the structure...

It's only a (my) theory, so do't anyone get all bent by
it, but I say it wasn't structure that Lightnin' had--it was an intimate
knowledge of THE BLUES, and that means all the suffering and injustices that
go with it. Not chords.

You're right, if learning structure was all there was to it, then those
fancy music schools could turn 'em out. What? The hell you say.....seems
that our Ms. Tedeschi
got her some at Berklee!<s>

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