NBC: Virus anyone? Chuck N./ JimL

Jim Levingston - Magnolia Music jiml@usunwired.net
Sun Jan 16 18:41:54 EST 2000

Chuck wrote:

Well Jim, you gotcha a weird mail thingamajig there, I thought I was
: responding to you privately...but since I wasn't let me explain
myself a bit
: further.
: The list decided, for space sake, to suggest to all of
: us that we ONLY QUOTE the text we are responding to in
: our re: posts. Jim, sorry if this riles you, but I guess
: I should keep doing it the agreed upon way...no harm intended.
: chuck

JimL wrote:

Thanks for the explanation I was not aware of that request. Now that I
am I will of course comply with the practice.

What kind of weird mail thingamajig are you talking about. If it is
all the extra <BR> symbols everywhere, I know what you are talking
about. I noticed the problem this morning when Dirk Lockard and I were
corresponding. He has the BTR_Blues list. He was nice enough to call
me and walk me through my config settings. We thought we had it, but I
suppose not. I hope I didn't pick up some kind of virus or something.
I am going to post this as an NBC public posting in case there are
others that are experiencing the same problem.

At any rate thanks for the post.


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