The future of the blues

Rich Gonzalez
Sat Jan 15 15:40:48 EST 2000


> I disagree....all one needs to do is check
> out recent issues of Living Blues for LOTS
> of old style traditional blues artists....alot
> of them are still in the delta too.
> They just seemed to be overlooked...
> but are out there...

But are they available to the general or even bluesfan
audiences? Are these folks gigging regularly? Do these guys
tour or record?

They're available, once in a while,  in specialized magazines
(with small circulations), but mostly just in pictures and
stories. I thought the music was the thing.

To be "overlooked" would mean that someone is looking for them.
I wonder sometimes if anyone is--besides highly knowledgeable
music fans or musicians such as yourself. And the number of
such persons is probably tiny.

Rich G.

> At 07:18 PM 01/11/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> >There ain't much to chose from.I do like
> >Eric Culberson though.King Snake Records.
> >Little Charlie and The NightCat's have
> >been around a while now so,I wouldn't include them.
> >
> >   Sadly,the blues is losing more than it's gaining
> >from a traditional artist standpoint.I wish there
> >where more new traditional artist out there.
> >Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers.Though he's
> >not all that young.
> >
> >Too much speed, not enough space.Muddy,Lightnin,
> >Elmore,Jimmy Reed,Wolf-"I miss you".
> >  PS "The sun is shining-although it's rainin in my
> >heart".
> >               Howard
> >
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> >washed away by tears.
> >But this wall of denial was built on fear.
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