the Wolf: PLEASE read now PLEASE STOP

Mon Jan 17 12:30:45 EST 2000

Rich Gonzalez wrote:

>  Sonny Goldreich wrote (re: a zeller passing on rumors):
> > Isn't the following bunch of J. Winter rumors drawn from exactly the same
> > stinking well  that produced the calumny poured on Muddy?
> > If you know your concert stage crew source likes to exaggerate, why pass on
> > his story?
> Why pass it on? Well it would be conistent with an unethical
> attempt to pass on gossip without any responsibility for the
> damaging effects of doing such.Here's what he can say...

> If they turn out to be true: "Hey, I TOLD you about that!"
> If they turn out to be false: "Hey, I SAID it was suspect!"
> One has it both ways.
> Unethical.

As usual you have taken statements in a post out of context for your own purposes
which is very unethical. Better get to know me a whole lot better before you
judge my morals or ethics Rich. What are yours? I think most people on this list
can read between your lines.

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