eRIC's BLUES DATE: Jan 17- Grady "Fats" Jackson

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Mon Jan 17 01:18:33 EST 2000

I was just thinking about him the other day and how great his performance was
the one time we got to see him.  Here's a message I posted about "Fats" in

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Fats was on a show with Bob Margolin here once [Greensboro, NC].  It was a
release party
for Bob at the end of 1993 and Sweet Betty and Rev. Billy Wirtz were on
the show, also.  Fats was absolutely wonderful. We got a chance to talk
to him after the show and he was very kind.  We told him how much we
enjoyed his playing and he gave us a card.  I still have it.  It looks
like it was made a long time before he gave it to us but I'm not sure.
I also bought one of "Rev. Billy's Healing Prayer Rugs" and asked
everyone to sign it.

I made a tape of everyone that night and was going to call Fats to tell
him when I was mailing him a copy.  No one ever answered at the number.
Then, just a month or two later, I found out he was gone.  I'm so happy
I got a chance to see him and meet him.  I have only found out a little
information about him so if anyone has more about him, I would love to
see it.

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