The Future of the BLues

Howard Martin
Wed Jan 12 22:59:23 EST 2000

Nathan James is one of my favorite guitar players.
As is Kid Ramos.Is Ramos no longer gonna do the the
T-bird gig or is Kirk Fletcher just doing the
Kim Wilson solo work.What about Rusty Zinn ?
Another good young talent.


--- wrote:
> Maybe I'm just really young (I'm 25) but the most of
> people that have been
> mentioned are old and have been around a while. I
> think we tend to think of
> blues musicians as old because that is how we found
> them when we discovered
> blues. Robert Johnson died when he was 25, Little
> Walter made his best
> records when he was in his early 20's. Sure Kim
> Wilson is young compared to
> Homesick James or Robert Lockwood, but I would
> consider him the present of
> the blues.
>     How about us really young guys. I can name a
> dozen players here in Los
> Angeles under the age of 30 that can put your
> average 45 year old weekend
> jammer to shame. Guitar players: Enrico Crivellaro
> (James Harman, Lester
> Butler and Janiva Magness) Kirk Fletcher (Kim Wilson
> and Lynwood Slim), Henry
> Carvajal (William Clarke and James Harman) Marco
> Fiume (Candye Cane) Nathan
> James (James Harman) Harp players: Harmonica Shorty,
> Johnny Rover, San Pedro
> Slim and myself among others.
>     Outside of LA you've got plenty more, guys like
> Troy Gonyea and Sean
> Costello and oour own Sean Carney to name a few.
>     All of these fellows are stone traditionalists.
> They are the future of
> the blues (while some of the other younger names
> mentioned in this thread are
> the future of blues-rock)
>     So don't count us young guys or the future of
> traditional blues out
>     Ryan

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washed away by tears.
But this wall of denial was built on fear.
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