NBC: Copyright Advice?

IronMan Mike Curtis ironman@IRONMANCURTIS.COM
Thu Jan 13 00:42:49 EST 2000

I'd register the copyright for the song - and all other songs you've
written up to this point as well.  It only costs $20 for the whole
magilla.  All songs must be by exactly the same person/people to
qualify, i.e. if you wrote one with your buddy, it'd have to be
registered separately.  A cassette tape is OK, as is any standard
recording format, sheet music, etc.

BTW according to the new laws your song is automatically copyrighted
when placed into any fixed format; written on paper, tape recorded,
video taped, etc.  We REGISTER the copyright with the appropriate
authorities for better legal protection.  But technically you could
sue someone even without registering the copyright (although you'd
have an uphill battle).

As far as blues melodies, it's tough enforcing a copyright, because
so many blues tunes are similar.  Chord changes cannot be copyrighted
(although I sure wouldn't mind holding a copyright for the standard
12 bar I/IV/V changes :-)  Some lyrics can't be copyrighted, i.e. you
couldn't sue for "stealing" your lyric of "I woke up this mornin'",

On 12 Jan 00, at 8:06, alesis@EROLS.COM wrote:

> These day, by choice, I pretty much confine my playing and singing
> to the basement with only my Tascam Porta-studio for an audience.
>  (Wife and friends may be subjected later if interested).  I
> do a lot of re-arranged covers, since I’m not exactly a prolific
> composer (3-4 a year maybe, with some of those rejected even
> by me, and a large % of instrumentals.  However, I do have one
> blues tune that I think has a little bit of a different twist
> and some humor.  I’d love to pass it on to someone who’s currently
> playing and/or recording professionally.
> Because music is currently just a hobby for me as opposed to
> a vocation, I tend to be very casual about my stuff.  As such,
> one side of me just says “Send it to somebody; it’s no big deal.”
>  But my other side says, just in case, you ought to have some
> copyright protection; not that I expect to be ripped off for
> a Grammy-winning tune or anything, but just on general principals.
>  Any of you active musicians or otherwise knowledgeable folks
> have any advice on the most painless way to do this?  Sorry to
> take up list time/space with this; private e:mail would be great.
>                         Thanks, Pete
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