the Wolf: PLEASE read now PLEASE STOP

Wed Jan 12 02:33:59 EST 2000

The problem here is that some of those tales are true. That is why there
exists places like the  Betty Ford Center.

I am the last person to be judgemental of this subject, being a true child
of the 1960's and all that went with it.

I have said this over and over, we are talking about human beings. Humans
are subject to be imperfect. They all have weaknesses and strengths. They
all have some kind of problem in some area. Why we continue to expect a
certan set of humans to be different is beyond me.

Can't we just love and respect these entertainers for their talent and still
allow them to be human?

And if one of them did have a drug or drinking problem, would it be any
worse than if you or I had one?

How many of us have not had drugs or alcohol touch our lives in some way?
How many of us have never had a taste of either? It is my firm belief that
when we become perfect, only then can we expect that of others. Until should be live and let live. Rumors help no one. If you love
these people, do something nice for them. Learn that silence is a powerful
tool, as is the willingness to reach out a hand in love to help.

One should know the truth in order to speak it. Even then it should be
tempered with kindness and respect, because that is what true love breeds.

Respect the artists for what they give us all, but love them enough to allow
them to be what they are.......human beings.

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