The future of the blues

Fred Dabney
Wed Jan 12 00:15:28 EST 2000

> Old Blues Lives----you just gotta keep listenin' for it. It's
still on
> the radio--------somewhere.

That's what I'd have said, but I got a call from a black listener
the last Friday night who didn't like most of what I was playing-
he wanted "stuff with more energy".  He said he loved the blues,
but what I was playing was a bring-down.

He named people like BB King, Johnny Taylor and others of that
ilk, artists whom I also like and play, but his definition of
what blues is is a lot narrower than my air play.  It would
almost exclude all the things I purchase for my own collection.

Of course, he's a sample of one, and may not mean anything, but
it did make me think a minute.

Fred D.

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