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Ocky Milkman
Tue Jan 11 23:55:01 EST 2000

--- wrote:

> During the last years of his life. Howling Wolf had to
> align his touring
> dates with visits to VA hospitals for his kidney failure.
> He was a veteran
> who got free dialysis treatment that took up to six hours
> of being hooked
> onto a machine that cleansed his blood of toxic fluids.

true enough. wolf died on the renal ward, hines va,
maywood, IL, 1976 (or '77?). dialysis is so exhausting that
it wipes most people out for the day. the fact that wolf
would do a gig afterwards is insane. apparently, he his
fires burned intensely to the bitter end.


God made a mistake when he gave the white man a guitar.
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