the Wolf: PLEASE read . . . . .
Tue Jan 11 23:49:09 EST 2000

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<<  I hope that my words will be read and that Blues-l members will understand
 that I was there with Wolf. Not a story read from a book. Not second hand.
 Not told to me by a band member. I watched him myself and I am upset that,
 years later, someone would make a casual assessment of his valiant fight.  >>

And if that isn't bad enough, I believe he had angina... I saw him at joe's
and he seemed to have an attack in the middle of a set... Eddie shaw took a
10 minute solo
while wolf popped a  pill and after  the ten minutes wolf was back there
singing to finish the tune...he was so weak he wouldn't leave the stage on
the break, they just darkened it and he sat there till the next show..... I
wept that night, he was immense in so many ways.


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