The future of the blues

Ralph Parker
Tue Jan 11 17:17:27 EST 2000

   Sorry, but for any DJ worth his salt---the Blues is not dead. Old
Blues, New Blues, Any Blues ---as long as it's still played by someone
taking the time and effort to put it on the airwaves---some people will
listen----regardless of age.  Radio played Blues is up to the DJ or
Programmer. I've never been told, asked, or pressured--into
Not---playing Old Blues, if that's the tag you want to put on it. I just
call it---the Real Stuff---->Blues.

Mixed with Rhythm and Blues, Soul or whatever--Blues is not over. It
lives on the airwaves, in many cities and towns all over the U.S.A.
Hybrid of Old Blues ?-----Everything is, and always has been. That's not
new logic. Most music can just about be classified as such. And that's
what makes it a living art form. That's too easy a term to put on the
whole evolution. But if that's what you want to call it, then Hybrid is
what drives the whole process. Like it or not. Nothing wrong with that.
It's up to the Ear of the Beholder.  I like it, I play it. People

Old Blues Lives----you just gotta keep listenin' for it. It's still on
the radio--------somewhere.

Rockin' Ralph
Oldies Unlimited
Blues Rocket--KHDC 90.9FM

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