Fats Domino?

Sal Stevens bluesprjct@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 01:04:31 EST 2000

        Fats still performs around New Orleans
occassionally...most recently at the opening for
Harrah's Casino on 10/28/99 and on New Years Eve at
the New Orleans Hilton.  He also made an appearance
last month at the recent dedication of a historical
marker where Cosimo Matassa's studio was on Rampart
St. on the 50th Anniversary of his and Dave
Barthelmew's first collaboration there.

--- Ken Ficara <ficara@panix.com> wrote:
> Is Fats still performing? Where would I go to find
> out when and where?
> Ken
> Ken Ficara
>    ken@ficara.net
> Dear Miss Manners,
>  Why does the Internet need rules of etiquette?
> Isn't its libertarian
>  spirit part of its appeal?
> Gentle Reader,
>  Yes, it was.  Freedom is always appealing until you
> are forced to try
>  to put up with someone else's.
> For more quotes, see: http://www.ficara.net/quotes/

"You never get nothing by being an angel child.
You better change your ways and get real wild,
'cause wild women don't worry.
Wild women don't have the blues."
Ida Cox, "Wild Women Don't Have the Blues"
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