NBC: Cost of web access (was Has he gone too far?)

IronMan Mike Curtis ironman@ironmancurtis.com
Sun Jan 9 18:05:16 EST 2000

To Pam;

Your concerns are already covered.  ALL sites being considered, first
and foremost, offer the list as email.  You will always be able to
sub and get blues-l in your mailbox, at least for the foreseeable
future (who knows what progress will bring, so I'm hedging my bet on
this, just in case ;-)

In the old days before GUI (web) interfaces, the newsgroup allowed
many host computers (like your ISP's) to be part of a distributed
network of newsgroups, minimized workload on single computers nd
(much slower) links, and allowed users to pick and choose the
articles they wanted to read from the storage on their host computer.

Todays web access and much faster and expansive network makes it much
more practical to have centralized servers such as listservers and
web based message browsers.  Instead of the newsgroup (an entity
totally separate from blues-l@listserv.brown.edu, which is fed the
articles from brown but does not send its articles to brown), we
could use a web interface to peruse message headers, downloading only
what we want.

If you get the list as email (from Brown) and wish to continue as
such, this is not an issue that concerns you.  This would NOT affect
subscribing to blues-l as a mailing list insofar as receiving it in
your mailbox, except that it would come from a different server.

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