Has he gone too far?

Jim jwells@iadfw.net
Sat Jan 8 23:12:36 EST 2000

    If you receive packages or letters with an Alabama postmark
(voodoo-idiot's stompin' grounds), I wouldn't be too quick to open them.

   His words certainly suggest a threat that he might start trying to pick
some of the users of this list off with poison or whatever device his feeble
mind can understand.  It does NOT take a rocket scientist to do a great deal
of damage.

   How does one best go about reporting terroristic threats, anyways?  Does
anyone know?


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><< I wonder if we'd have ground to send the feds after him on this? That
>might be a solution. >>
>Utilization of public telephone lines, either inter or intra state to
>threaten or harass is a Federal Crime, punishable by up to six (6) years in
>prison and not more than $6,000 in fines.  In order to intitiate
>simply file a criminal harassment charge with your local police, who will
>turn contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  If enough proof can be
>established, the local agency of the FBI will serve an arrest warrant, and
>the subject will be brought before a Federal Magistrate.
>This happens extremely quickly when the phone lines are concerned, and
>the speed with which TWO federal arrests were made within the last thirty
>days (Columbine threats), the Federal authorities are proceeding with
>particular vigor and merciless prosecution.

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