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John Detcheverry archtop@colba.net
Sat Jan 8 19:17:20 EST 2000

For all the players out there who like to jam but don't get a chance to
get out very often, PG Music has their Band-In-A-Box Software ver 8 demo
available for download on their website at

The new version even has a "guitar window" (under the Harmony setting)
that will show you how to play the melody! A decent sound card also
helps. The demo includes some jazzy blues but if anyone downloads the
program I have the "Real Fake Book" in Band In A Box format (1.41M)-
just email me and I'll send you a copy. For players who've followed the
Berklee Guitar books I also have William G. Leavitt's "Melodic Rhythms
For Guitar" (352K). As you can see these aren't small files so please
don't ask me to send them out of curiosity - and they won't help you
without the program. The songlist for the Real Fake book is 30K so if
you'd like to see the list first that's OK. The demo only works until
April 1, 2000 so if you want enough time to work with it I suggest you
get it soon. Some of the features are disabled in the demo so I played
the whole Melodic Rhythms book onto a couple of cassettes using a Jimmy
Smith/Wes Montgomery Combo setting. Very cool program and, no, I'm not
associated with or paid by them. Too bad my sound card is so crappy ...
John Detcheverry
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