NBC: Voodoo-idiot's latest drivel.... Re: BluesWear?

Jim jwells@iadfw.net
Sat Jan 8 01:51:07 EST 2000

Hey Hash?

  You think the Voodoo-idiot has been hiding in the crowds when you
introduce me as Little Jimmy???

   Please listen up everyone, if you please.

   For once, the Voodoo-idiot is right! Check my web page, found in my
signature below -- as he so nicely suggests -- for my band's schedule.
Unfortunately, since I have to be on the road for the next two weeks we
won't have any gigs BUT you can  find a lot of good links, my bio, a bunch
of my paintings and drawings (portraiture, in particular) and other stuff

   Hey Ricky-Voodoo-Idiot?!? I'll paint your portrait for $10,000.
Interested?  Cash before I start though since you are what you are...  Oh
wait!  That's right - you can;t show any money since you want the gummit to
pay for your medicine...

   You an actuary?!?  Ha!  That just doesn't add up!

    Sign my guest book too, okay?  Uh, not you Voodoo-idiot... just everyone

    But the Nightowls'll be playing our normal 50+ gigs a year this year I'm
sure and hopefully we'll also release a CD, so pay attention to our
unofficial director of idiot marketing, lil' rickie-icky-voodoo-idiot
because every now and then, mixed amongst the drivel and bile that spews
from his pathetic little mind, he utters pearls of wisdom like (and I
quote - see below) "Please, please, please click on the site in his
signature..."  He was of course referring to me!

   I'm so proud.


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Date: Friday, January 07, 2000 11:21 PM
Subject: Re: BluesWear?

I forgot to include Little Jim Wells, as a fake blues artist. Please,
please, please click on the site in his signature, for grins. He says he

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