Ain't Nothing British About It

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I agree, When I was 15 or so I was an avid Stones fan and a lot of what they did was based on the blues, same with Clapton. When I first heard the album "London Session" where Eric Clapton, Stevie Winwood, Bill Wyman and Keith Richards or Charlie Watts (I forget the exact lineup) backed up Howlin' Wolf -  I WAS HOOKED. Living in Baton Rouge in the seventies I had a good chance to see a lot of blues legends at that time. My most fond memory was when I saw Lightnin' Hopkins in a small juke joint up close and personal. At eighteen that was a treat. I then got to see my hero of that era Howlin' Wolf. In fact I saw him twice during the years of '73 and '74.

Back to your original post, I tend to agree. I might have chanced across some of these bluesmen, but with the Stones and Clapton lighting the way for us young Rockers we found the blues.

Rick, wasn't Muddy Waters that the Rolling Stones got their name from one of his songs?

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: The funny thing about this thread title "ain`t nothin` British about it"
: is that, as I said before, the blues would have died and none of you
: would have ever even heard of the blues without the British Invasion,
: Muddy said as much, Nobody knew about blues, except in a few Delta areas
: and Chicago, And that was only on a few 78 records, It got NO radio
: play. It was dead in the water, Then rock saved it, Rock saved the few
: labels that still would record it and saved it as far as making it
: something white owned radio stations and labels would promote, Face it,
: Rock saved the blues, NONE of you people would have even heard of it
: without rock. Even if it had survived in some clubs and areas, without
: the civil rights movement, which rock made possible, by making it
: impossible for white parents to keep black people and black music away
: from their kids, blues would still have NEVER been popular enough to
: survive without Clapton.
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