Why are you so vicious, Rick?

skyblue@teleport.com skyblue@teleport.com
Sat Jan 8 01:35:05 EST 2000

I don't understand you, Rick. Why are you so vicious? I'm not trying to be clever.
I just want to understand what it is that motivates you to be so offensive to others.
You know, if you were to carry on like this in a bar, you might get yourself put in the hospital.
And I've known a few guys in my life that got pretty beat up because of the way they antagonized
others. I never did ask them why they were so intent upon making people hate them. I always
saw their behavior as so pathetic that I didn't want to risk a meltdown by asking them to explain themselves. But you're safe here, Rick. Nobody here really knows you at all, as far as I can tell. So
I think it would be alright to probe a little bit and explore the reasons why you feed off others' hatred of you. Is it a self-esteem issue?

Mike Rodrigues
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"One note and another, no matter how close, have an infinite distance
between them, and that's where the blues happen.  The same can be said of
people, of one person and another.  That's why the blues gets played."
                                "Hunting Down Amanda" by Andrew Klavan

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