Why are you so vicious, Rick?

Jim jwells@IADFW.NET
Sat Jan 8 01:53:06 EST 2000


  Guys like him would never act like this face to face with anyone.  He has
no cojones and is just an idiot.


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Date: Saturday, January 08, 2000 12:45 AM
Subject: Why are you so vicious, Rick?

>I don't understand you, Rick. Why are you so vicious? I'm not trying to be
>I just want to understand what it is that motivates you to be so offensive
to others.
>You know, if you were to carry on like this in a bar, you might get
yourself put in the hospital.
>And I've known a few guys in my life that got pretty beat up because of the
way they antagonized
>others. I never did ask them why they were so intent upon making people
hate them. I always
>saw their behavior as so pathetic that I didn't want to risk a meltdown by
asking them to explain themselves. But you're safe here, Rick. Nobody here
really knows you at all, as far as I can tell. So
>I think it would be alright to probe a little bit and explore the reasons
why you feed off others' hatred of you. Is it a self-esteem issue?
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>people, of one person and another.  That's why the blues gets played."
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