VH1 Top Ten Greatest Rock Songs

Augustine augustin@telenet.net
Fri Jan 7 21:56:15 EST 2000

Well, quite honestly Cookie, when I think of Rock not very many black names come
to mind. Jimi Hendrix certainly. Chuck Berry. Maybe Sly and the Family Stone.
Can't think of any others off the top of my head.

If you are thinking of Little Richard, or the Shirelles or groups like that, I
would consider those to be Pop acts. If they were to compile a list of the Top
100 Pop songs of the Century, I think you would see a list considerably
different from the Top Rock songs. My opinion only, of course.


cookieholley wrote:

> I hate to bring up race again...but..........................There is only
> one black person on that list.
> Am I to believe that music is that biased?    Or that black people have made
> so small a contribution to the field?
> What gives here?

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