Bye,Bye Blues ?

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 6 20:53:04 EST 2000

>Memories of Johnny Guitar Watson, Pee Wee Crayton, and yes >even-->Jimmy
>Nolen & Pete Lewis are alive today in such >upcoming artists as :

>Kirk Fletcher, the young black guitarplayer from around >Long Beach. Forget
>about his CD (which I do like alot) , >when you see this Kid---live in
>person--he will flat knock >your sox off !  I guarantee you. It's guys like
>Kirk >Fletcher, who will be the next generation of Blues Artists
> >that----carry the Flame of Blues-- the Living Art Form. It
>will always glow brightly, just flicker once in awhile, >that's all. (imho)

I can't wait to see him...on your recommendation, of course! ;) BTW, tell
him he ain't made it till he makes to DFW!<g>

Wait till you hear Johnny's new one...VERY Heavy ON the Lafayette "THE
THING" Thomas side!

later, chuck

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