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Vjacheslav M.Ivanov unison@ns.cnt.ru
Thu Jan 6 15:03:17 EST 2000

            Dudes ,
 On what address to send money ???
        Sincerely ,
                          Vjacheslav .
> Îò: Jim Levingston <jiml@usunwired.net>
> Òåìà: VoodooChile - ARTHRITUS Help
> Äàòà: 6 ÿíâàðÿ 2000 ã. 11:20
> VoodooChile,
> I sorry to hear that you are in pain and not feeling well. My sister has
rhm. arthritis and will probably be in a wheel chair in a couple of years.
She is a great pianist or was, she no longer can play much because of the
pain. There is no cure for what she has. Like you her medical bills are
outrageous. Some of the medication she has to take makes her a little
irrational at times and she lives in pain, but she's not mad dog crazy.
> I didn't mean that as a flame. I simply understand that some of the
medication you take has dangerous side effects. The medication causes
impotency and other things and may be making you a bit irrational, causing
severe mental irritation and confusion. Viagra may help with some of your
problems and either a lower dose or a change of meds altogether might help
with the rest. Still that does not help with the economic situation. One
way you might consider raising money from donations from the list is to
offer to stay off of the list for a month if each list member sends you a
donation of a dollar. Because of your medical condition you have become so
hated on this list that you should not have any problems raising several
hundred dollars a month. I think the list consist of +/- 250 to 300 active
members. I would imagine each and everyone of them would be glad to pay a
dollar a month to be rid of you.
> It's just a suggestion, but it may help your situation some.
> Best of Luck,
> --
> Jim Levingston

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