List ownership

Thu Jan 6 03:51:09 EST 2000

Thank you for adding me to your list!

I can see I'm in good company.     :)

Please enjoy your new sense of energy by forgetting the use of all caps in
the second half of your posts. That is called yelling. I for one skip any
post that has all caps......hurts my ears......which I need for listening to
Blues.    :)

BTW, in eariler posts the mention of Marvin in BVDs on stage was mentioned,
what do you think of that?

I just love it when Prince does that on stage, but he never goes all the
way....too bad.

vbdog do you know of any Bluesman who disrobe on stage? Please share so I
can buy ticket now and not miss out.  At my age I can't aford ro waste time.

Anyway, I`m including you on my "Mike Curtis, not respond list."
So maybe i CAN again only post about music. Because even though I don`t
get much list response to my music posts, I get lots of great private
responses, from some really NICE people.

Rick, voodoochile, bamabluesdog

Link to my picture, to excellent blues information sites and to the best
SRV memorial tribute site on the web.
Voodoochile`s Blues Roadhouse

Alabama Live Blues Music Calender

The Alabama Blues Project and Alabama Blues Artists (with link to FAME
Studios, home of Alabama soul and blues music)

In the CD player now: Miss Lavelle White, It Haven`t Been Easy,
Widespread Panic, Light Fuse, Get Away, Coco Montoya, Gotta MInd To
Travel, Gatemouth Brown, Long Way Home, Little Walter, Blues With A

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