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Wed Jan 5 14:38:14 EST 2000

>From: Jan Miller <>
>The amazing thing is:
>for all the traffic this post generated, only two folks offered any
>suggestions where to look for the hat.


Proves once again that most folks prefer talking to listening.

>Gadzooks, I'm just looking for a hat i like!!!!  (Perhaps I'll grow a

I saw a picture of Hound Dog Taylor wearing a ridiculously cheap,
artifical-looking wig, probably as a gag when he was singing "Give Me Back
My Wig". Instead of growing a ponytail, you could try wearing wigs! You
could even color-match them to your axe (let's see, I'm playing my Cherry
Red strat, I know, I'll put on my Bozo wig!!!)

Seriously, though, it ain't that easy finding a place that sells good
quality hats. I would feel comfortable buying a hat through the mail. I've
found that different hat styles fit differently, that is, I would need a
different size. It's even worse with hats that are sized as small, medium,
or large. Therefore, I'd stay away from internet or mail order places -- you
definitely want to try it on before you buy it.

I found a couple of hat stores by using a business search in some of the
on-line yellow pages. Of course you can also try the old-fashioned phone
book for your area.

Trouble is a lot of places have gone out of business or only sell baseball
caps (e.g., "Lids" - a mall store for caps). Even in densely-packed north
NJ, I had trouble finding a good hat store. I eventually went to NYC to a
store right across the street from Port Authority bus terminal at 40th St
and 8th Ave. Found me a real nice black porkpie (they also had 'em in red
and blue).

Good luck,

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