Jim Levingston
Wed Jan 5 12:11:39 EST 2000

Ok, Ok, Ok, with the hat stuff. Lets move on to other areas of blueswear. I want some deep insight on serious blues footwear. Should we go back to the old pointy Beatle-Boots (remember them - show your age) or maybe something along the line of construction work boots. Cowboy boots are almost required footwear for bluesmen from Texas. I like wearing these sandals that have soles made out of old tires. They are kinda loose and breezy. I don't think enough can be said about the comfort factor when deciding on a pair of BluesShoes. Oh, BTW, lets not leave out the ladies. In most cases nowadays footwear kinda crosses the sexual barriers, with a few exceptions. Call me what you may, but I still think women look better in high heels than men do. A lot of blues women can get that Marsha Ball look with a pair of classy high heels and tight fitting semi-formal dress. Almost leaning towards Patsy Cline.

At any rate group, give me your thoughts on "blues shoes". I gotta know and I gotta know now!

Jim Levingston

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