Blues Hat

Eric Paul-Hus
Tue Jan 4 18:16:43 EST 2000

Jan Miller <> wrote in message
> May seem like a strange question, but...
> I'm searching for the ultimate 'Blues Hat' to wear while playing in my
> band.  The store in my town don't do this sort of hat, all do the same 'in
> style now' design.  What do I mean.  Well, hard to say, an 'Old Man's
> in a way, but with class, a Chicago Bluesmans Hat...

If you are after the Junior Wells hats's look ;-) There is a store on
Maxwell Street next to Jim's Original or a couple of doors up that have some
.... And I've been to the New Openair Market and seen those every time:
Bright colored, crossed between Joe Friday's and a Mellon ...  I do believe
there is a photo on the web of the Boutique front ...

Yep! from my vault:

It could be a thrift store I don't recall but I saw something similar last

Maybe Chicagoans 'zellers can fill you in ...  Twist, Steve,  Thomas, Fats ?

> Any help appreciated!!!
> Jan..
> The older you get, the more you learn to see what you've been  taught to
> see. When you're a kid, you see what's there. -- Steven Wright

PS Over here the most common Blues hat is a "bald head with a pony tail" ;-)
.... If you feel like surprising everyone get an Australian "crocodile
Dundee" hat and (note that you may induce some heckler to yell "SRV Rules",
I've seen it once, and it wasn't even a Blues band ;-) ...

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