Paula & the Pontiacs

Robert Dirk Lockard
Wed Jan 5 01:18:31 EST 2000

Paula Rangell is one of my favorites from the Crescent City and you will be
pleasantly surprised.
She comes up to Baton Rouge for the Thursday jam at Phil Brady's, fairly
regularly, and always is a crowd pleaser.  Not only does she sing and play great
Blues, (Saxaphone and notable harpist), she's cute as button!  You can find out
more from her page at IUMA and it links back to her home page.

Dirk Lockard

From: maxdog <>

> Paula & the Pontiacs are scheduled to play at Dave's CC Club this weekend. I'm
> not familiar with them but seem to remember some mention of them on Blues-L a
> while back. The poster at the club says they are from New Orleans. Can anyone
> fill in the blanks?
> --
> maxdog

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