Joe Lempkowski
Sun Jan 2 05:37:15 EST 2000

Thanks for the feedback, Ron.  I do believe that Tony's message asked what people
thought of the list.  I appreciate the influence that Bessie Smith, Robert
Johnson and T-Bone Walker have had on the Blues, but I own the T-Bone Walker
Mosiac set. It contains six CD's worth of his stuff.  I've listened to it a
couple of times since the original issues almost 10 years ago.  I've owned the
Robert Johnson work in vinyl and CD.  Both are collecting dust.  I had the Bessie
Smith collection and sold that one a few years ago.  I appreciate the artists and
their contribution, but none of them have proven "Essential" to me.  I've been
able to live without them rather comfortably.  I'd rather have any of the other
items I listed or something by Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed or Sunnyland Slim.  The
John Mayall album wouldn't even be on my Top 100.  BTW, I like Chicago Blues and
I kind of do ignore everybody else.  That is my preference and that is what my
list reflects.

Joe wrote:

> In a message dated 1/1/00 4:48:32 PM, writes:
> To call any of these essential and suggest that aby of them replace Robert
> Johnson, Bessie Smith and T-Bone Walker would suggest either a lack of
> knowledge about the history of blues and who the crucial artists were and
> also confuse a list of desert oislanbd discs witha  list of esseential
> recordings. As much as I like Gold Rockin' Charles, Carey Bell and Magic
> Slim, in no way could they be considered to have defined the music in the
> manner that T-Bone, Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith.  In fact given your more
> defensible choice of Little walter and Sonny Boy and Elmore discs, these are
> relatively lightwieght recordings.  I do note that this list would be too
> heavily weighted towards Chicago Blues and ignoring everybody else.
> Ron W

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