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Sun Jan 2 18:07:27 EST 2000

It is true that this country was founded by criminals, and that they still
run it.

It does upset me that I have to pay to have a place to be on land that I
already own. That I have to guard what little goods I am lucky enough to
come by, and keep my doors locked for fear of the most horrible
consequences. That my people have surcome to the ravages of alcohol. That
the officials who stole from in order to protect me from myself, leave me
without food, shelter, or medicine.

And if I allowed it to, it would eat me alive.

But I am a better person than that. I come from a long line of pain and
suffering by noble honorable human beings.  We have a dream of what the
future can be. I have seen it happening already in small ways. Therefore, I
know in time if we can just out-live them it will come to pass. We will be
one people again.

It would much easier to give up. But if i did, the blood of my people would
have been wasted. And the trail of tears would go on forever.

So as long as I can breath and make a noise, I will continue to speak out
for Peace, Love and Unity. It is our only hope.

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From: chuck n. <cnevitt@hotmail.com>
Date: Sunday, January 02, 2000 10:59 AM
Subject: NBC: Re: In 2100

>Fred wrote:
>>And of course, there is that "There is no history" attitude
>>that seems to pervade the current "cultural" scene.
>You're right....as I was watching all the retrospectives
>of the first millenium, I noticed there was certainly
>a lack of mention about the anglo's stealing this land  from, and the
>killing of, it's original inhabitants....
>and almost no mention almost of the attrocities of slavery. One Nation
>God my ass...this country is, and has been for centuries, about the all
>mighty dollar...and that most were/are willing to kill, steal, cheat, and
>beat folks to get all they can, just seems not to matter that much.
>Why should we expect things to change by 2100...it won't.
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