Ralph Parker RockinRalph@webtv.net
Sat Jan 1 12:18:10 EST 2000

One day in Harp Heaven, Little Walter, Sonny Boy and Big Walter Horton
were sitting around playing cards. All of a sudden out of nowhere, St.
Pete comes runnin' up (out of breath) and says---> Man, you guys ain't
gonna believe this. This guy just showed up at the pearly gates wearing
shades !

Big Walter says--- wearing shades ? St. Pete says , yeah !   Sonny Boy
says--what kinda suit is he wearing ?  Pete says--man, you guys aren't
gonna believe this. It's an electric-blue suit, that'll knock you eyes
out !!

Little Walter looks over and says---Hey George, wake-up !  St. Pete says
there's a guy at the pearly gates, wearing an electric-blue suit &
shades !

Harmonica George Smith--jumps up, and says---Wow ! That's my boy Bill !
Man do you think the Lord's gonna let him up here, wearing that kinda
get-up ?

St. Pete says---shit man, the Lord told him he can keep the Shades, but
he wants the suit for Himself !

Happy New Year, everybody !!!    :^)

Rockin' Ralph
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