NBC: Stupid?

Jim jwells@iadfw.net
Sat Jan 1 14:19:10 EST 2000

    Well aren't you special.

    Let's see.  Your post was 85% spent dwelling on your resume; I'm happy
for all your success and achievements.  And then pretty much the rest of
your post was flaming aimed at me and others, although I do agree with your
assessment of the fact that the Beatles were a Rock band and didn't play
blues.  I guess that's a common ground for us to work from...  I also agree
that the flaming - some of which is certainly coming from me - is once again
a pain in the butt but I'm sure that as the list lands in a new home, what
we have been experiencing and what is driving _most_ of the problems will no
longer be present...(ie the presence of Voodoo-idiot and ockie-girl)...

    At any rate, watch out for that old pot calling the kettle black, okay?

    Private email, as Chuck N. righttly pointed out yesterday is a better
forum for our non-blues arguments...

    But whatever....


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From: Jim Levingston <jiml@USUNWIRED.NET>
Date: Saturday, January 01, 2000 2:27 AM
Subject: Re: NBC: Stupid?

>Folks..... . .  .
>I'm in the music business in Louisiana and have been involved with the
blues scene in that area for many years. I own a 4000 s.f. recording
facility and own and manage several record labels, one that has been putting
out traditional Louisiana blues recordings since 1944. I'm also on the board
of directors for the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame. Also, I'm 46 years old
and grew up listening and loving the Beatles. If more of you guys actually
worked with authentic blues music instead of talking about it or reading
about it in some book, then you would know that the Beatles were a drop dead
Rock and Roll band, nothing more, nothing less. Elements of rock were
derived from blues music, but that's about as close as the Beatles came to
ever playing the blues. Some may argue that the Lennon song "Yer Blues" on
the White Album is a blues song, but actually it was more John Lennon's
concept of a blues song or his vamp of a blues tune. I would also like to
add that I hope that none of you!
> guys are over ten years old, because if you are then I'm embarrassed for
you. The way you cat scratch back and forth at each other is non-productive
and childish. Personally I get more out of reading Spam than what I got out
of your chest beating bitch fight.

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