Great band names (was Goofy band names )

Malcolm Rockwell
Fri Apr 7 15:26:19 EDT 2000

But the best name of all of them IMHO was Jose Tijuana & The Fabulous Iguana.
'Twas a blues band in the SF Bay area in the 1970s. Jerome Arnold played bass.

Malcolm R

Pete Wulforst wrote:

> Steve.Levine@GRACE.COM wrote:
> >
> > > On a different note, the coolest band name I've seen was Little Junior
> > > One Hand and the Blasting Caps from Houston.
> >
> > There used to be a local band called Little Junior & The Hitmen,
> > probably inspired by the film Kiss of Death.
> >
> > -Steve
> Yeah, that band included Dave Sherman, currently with Duh! Dave Sherman
> & the Nightcrawlers.  I saw them back up Otis Rush over in East
> Baltimore years ago.  Go Otis to autograph all my LPs that night. (All
> my Otis LPs that is :>)
>                                 Pete

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