Robert Lucas, John Nicholas, Trouble in Mind; was NPR's top 100 songs

David Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Apr 7 01:36:18 EDT 2000

Fred Dabney wrote:

> Speaking of unknown names, what about Robert Lucas?
> I have an Audioquest cd of his, almost entirely acoustic
> blues and I like it a lot.  I did a search on the name on
> "CDWhenever" and found several others but they all seemed
> to be rock, to judge from the listings.
> Is this the same person and is he well known to people who
> dig rock, or what?
> Fred D.
> >

He's fronting the current version of Canned Heat now, haven't really
heard that stuff (except for the Target commercial). As for his solo
I wouldn't really call it rock,  it's pretty much electrified
blues. But he does some acoustic stuff on all three CD's I played on
if I remember right. Most of it was straight ahead
shuffles, mambo or two, slow blues, country blues ala
Jimmy Rogers, nice variety of stuff actually.
If you saw the title "Voodoo Chile" I can see  how that might
make you think it was rock, but this version
is all acoustic, Luke playing a National and Alex Schultz and
I playing acoustic behind him. This can be found on the title
"Completely Blue", which is my favorite of the 3 cd's I played on.
Fred Kaplan also played some real nice piano on that one.

Dave Melton

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