ADMIN: Rick Edwards & other things

Cookie Holley
Fri Apr 7 00:48:32 EDT 2000


The guy just got no post  for a week or 2, it isn't like somebody beat him
up or kicked him out forever.

Give it a break. He is watching these posts laughing his azz off, knowing
he'll be back. He isn't a little boy, he is a grown man!  At least give him
the dignity of being a grown man.

That means taking responsibility for his own actions, just the same as any
of us would be expected to do if we got the same punishment.

Tell the truth.......would you be crying over a simple short no post?

He can still read. So he isn't completely OUT, he just can't respond.
But that will be over soon, however it ONE MORE TIME will be UP TO HIM to
keep it that way.

So what's the big deal?

Music is art for the ears,
Cookie Holley
bump N grind records

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