NBC: Blaxploitation

Robb, Dougie Dougie.Robb@compaq.com
Thu Apr 6 05:09:19 EDT 2000

As a DJ back in the 70's, I played (and listened) to a lot of
this stuff, and was delighted to find out quite recently that
there are some *great* compilations out there which (largely)
do the genre justice.  For starters, howzabout the four 2-CD
sets listed below :-


Another good 2-CD set is (some duplication with those above) :-


Some truly marvellous music on these disks ... to those who
feel inclined ... enjoy!!!!

- Dougie

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> I am a big fan of this genre of film and was thinking others might like it
> as well. Too much fun... :)
> Robert j Dewar
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