NBC: Blaxploitation

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Wed Apr 5 20:04:05 EDT 2000

You might like a recent crime novel called "King Suckerman," set in the 70s
in tribute to Shaft, Superfly, etc. The title comes from a much-anticipated
movie in the book about a pimp hero. There's a great scene where people
leave the theater muttering about how bad the movie is because it was a
departure from the genre in that it depicted the downbeat reality of the
pimp's life. Part of an excellent series of books by George Pelacanos, who
is doing like Walter Mosely with his Easy Rawlins books, chronicling life
through the decades in DC through the eyes of recurring Greek and Black

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> I am a big fan of this genre of film and was thinking others might like it
> as well. Too much fun... :)
> Robert j Dewar
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