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Me4DaBlues@CS.COM Me4DaBlues@CS.COM
Wed Apr 5 09:09:51 EDT 2000

And the Festival (at these prices) was also benefitting the R&B Foundation
which Ruth Brown helped get off the ground - which IMO is a wonderful cause -
and as Don O says - A wonderful weekend. We were lucky in that all the
horrible storms waited until the festival was over before they hit. It was a
bluestronomical weekend ;-)
Southwest Blues

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<< This was a great festival that, unfortunately, was very poorly attended.
They had plenty of press, radio, billboards, every major advertising medium
they could find.  They spent a lot of money and in all the right places.  The
weather was beautiful, except for a late thunderstorm which chased off Wilson
Pickett early.  People just didn't bother to show up, which is perplexing.
They bravely announced from the stage that they will be back next year with a
bigger and better line-up (which will be tough to do).  For a first year
fest, they seemed to do everything right.  Maybe next year some people will
show up! >>

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