Diamond Teeth Mary Passes

Jukebaby@aol.com Jukebaby@aol.com
Wed Apr 5 02:17:59 EDT 2000

One year, I was having a birthday party with a few friends - Willa Mae,
Tattoo Joe and just a few others...including Streaker, Joe's hairless dog; a
sweet, lovable dog who has since passed.  (There's another "Streaker"
now..hairless and sweet, too.)  We were having lots of fun that night.  A
friend from Florida called and said I've got someone here who wants to talk
to you...and it was Mary....wishing me "Happy Birthday."  Well, that made it
an even better birthday!

I didn't really know Mary very well...never met her in person...but we talked
a few times on the phone after that and she invited me to visit her.  Willa
and I always had plans to go down there but the years went by and Willa
didn't want to travel anymore unless it was for a singing job.   I don't know
why I didn't make that trip, anyhow.  Time seems to pass too quickly.

I have Florida friends who knew I always wanted news of Mary....and if she
had been performing, etc.  She was a very interesting person.  I heard plenty
of stories about her from Willa Mae....they had known each other years ago.
In 1994, they were on the same bill at Carnegie Hall at the "Circus Blues"
show.   Willa always spoke very highly of Mary.

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