Susan Tedeschi

Tue Apr 4 15:54:49 EDT 2000

"chuck n." wrote:
> maxdog, you came away with just about the same opinion of susan tedeschi
> that i did....just another one on my long list of 'i dont get its.' (and NO,
> i don't have to get it for it to be something valid for someone else).

Amen, just because I didn't like it and say so, I am not
trying to spoil someone else's fun. There's nothing in it
for me to rain on somebody else's parade. If I say I don't
like something, I do try to explain why I didn't like it,
not just "they suck". I'm also willing to give Tedeschi a
second shot because I did hear potential. It's not a matter
of absolutely good or absolutely bad. On a one to ten scale
I'd give the show about a three or four. Others would might
give it a higher rating. But then I'm spoiled. I get to hear
better music quite often at Dave's CC Club.

> You wote:
> >Derek and his band were great.
> Did they play much blues?

No. Blues influenced to be sure though. It was more of a
rock-jazz fusion / jam band kind of thing. They did toss in
a classic Allman Brother's riff in one song but it was more
of a causal acknowledgement than a reverence. His drummer,
Yonrico Scott, is one of the best in the business, IMHO. The
whole band is very talented. If there is a fault, it is the
somewhat lack of focus to the songs. Most fusion bands seem
that way to me. Interesting but not memorable. Ear candy.
But there were more vocals this time out, a slight shift in
direction. I will not be surprised to see big things out of
this group eventually.

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