Susan Tedeschi

Tue Apr 4 12:51:49 EDT 2000

Bill Barnard wrote:

> In article <015701bf9de7$9fdf9720$a33088cf@default>, Jim <> wrote:
> >   She is a good singer and performer, IMHO, but she isn't a strong guitar
> >player.  That doesn't matter though since she tends top get good sidemen in
> >her bands who play guitar just fine.
> >
> >Rgds...Jim
> You haven't seen her lately then.  She is the ONLY guitar player (unless you
> include Derek Trucks sitting in on 2 songs, since they are touring together).
> I just saw her last Thursday night.  She started slowly, especially on guitar.
>  She isn't that strong of a guitar player, but man what a voice.  Overall it
> was a good show.

I saw her Tedeschi and Derek Trucks play Sunday night. I wrote a review then decided
to not post it. But I will say I found her guitar playing to be sugar frosting on
soggy corn flakes. A lot of flash but little substance. And it wasn't well played
flash, she fumble fingered notes, got lost on the fret board more than once and even
lost her place in a song. At times she would crane her head over and tip her guitar up
like a beginner looking for where her fingers needed to be. Derek played half the set
with her and that did help some.

Has anyone noticed that some of those "powerful vocals" are simply hollering? She
isn't going to have a voice for very long singing that way.

To be fair, it could have been an off night or she may have been a bit rattled by
boyfriend Derek's family being in the audience. From what I've read, she seems to run
hot or cold. So I'm up to giving her a second chance. But this was a mediocre to bad
show on her part. Derek and his band were great.

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