ADMIN: Rick Edwards & other things

Cookie Holley
Tue Apr 4 03:24:14 EDT 2000

Again, that gives them a clear field to abuse then shut down before any
action can be taken. That can get old.

Anyone with common sense would be on their toes after just being back from a
no you can see.......

Maybe he will learn something this time and it won't have to happen again.
But you can be sure without action he will learn nothing.

Music is art for the ears,
Cookie Holley
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From: Rich Gonzalez <>
Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 12:25 AM
Subject: Re: ADMIN: Rick Edwards & other things

>On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Tom Freeland wrote:
>>Last Friday night, he posted three entirely unprovoked attacks;
>> there
>> were no posts on the list whatsoever that would justify the
>> way he launched at P.W. Fenton (twice) and at L.A. Jones.
>>  He apparently hallucinated a
>> post by L.A. Jones, which lead to him "responding" with personal
>Oh come on. It was obvious to everyone on the list that RE was
>confusing Stew's post as being done by L.A.
>He didn't "hallucinate" the post. He just erred in who sent it.
>Why use such a pejorative tone?
>Would it be fair if someone told you you "hallucinated" the three
>"unprovoked attacks" "last friday night"
>when in fact the subject posts where on Saturday night?
>> I watched all that happen Friday night,....
>> How many times must a subscriber get warned before he is forever banned?
>My opinion is: just once for each suspension. That's what the AUP
>states should be done.
>Rich G.

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