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Mon Apr 3 19:22:41 EDT 2000

Ed Vadas' Fabulous Heavyweights

>As a member (Harp Player) of an up and coming Juke-Joint Blues Band, I have
a>question for the gigging pro's out there. What do you do with a front man
who>has decided to throw around  "F*ck"  onstage-onmike....>>.

If he is an employee of the band... you can fine or fire him... if you are
an employee of his, you can quit..... the problem of what constitutes
too much or too little of any behavior on stage lies in direct proportion to
the standards of each listener.....!

Most often blues music is played in bars for adults and with
that there can arise situations where expletives surface.....Perhaps your
man is feeling that his behavior is in tune with his whereabouts....will he
do it at a festival?  Will he do it at your mom's for dinner?   That is what
seems appropriate to, you have to ask yourself if you are a
little thin-skinned and feeling guilty by association.....   have fun!

Ed "The schlong of song" Vadas

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