B.B. King help needed

Beth Thompson Massagefx@aol.com
Mon Apr 3 16:29:47 EDT 2000

Maybe it's the 4th track on the "His Best The Electric B.B. King"

"All over again"

I've got a good mind to give up living and go shopping instead
to pick out me a tombstone and be pronounced dead.
When I read your letter this morning in your place in bed


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> I have a listener who has called my radio show several times requesting an
> old tune done by B.B. King.  He says it goes something like this:
>  I found the letter this morning
>  on the pillow where you laid your head
>  when I found that letter
>  I wished I'd woke up dead
>  Apparantly it is from B's RPM or Kent era, ie. pre-1962.
>  I've been through all the obvious titles but have not found any lyrics
> those above.  Anyone know the title he's looking for?  TIA
>  ---


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