Popa Chubby

Mon Apr 3 14:16:17 EDT 2000

To set the record as straight as possible regarding the "meaning" of Popa Chubby's name, please note that he spells Popa with one "p" not two.  So the Dad idea probably doesn't fly.

>>> maxdog <maxdog@UNR.NET> 04/03/00 spell

I also have seen Poppa Chubby play at a beach party at Alligator Point. I put
him in the rock arena but I actually enjoyed him. Several of my friends were
either in other bands playing at that show or were on the sound crew. They all
got along with him fine. And BTW, he is a Poppa, he had his child with him, and
he is Chubby. His moniker may or may not be intended as a double entendre but
where would the blues be without double entendres?

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