Downchild Blues Band (Was: Susan Tedeschi speaks)

Sun Apr 2 14:55:25 EDT 2000

I've heard nothing but good things about the Downchild Blues
Band. They played Dave's CC Club last year to good reviews
but I missed them for some reason. They will be here in
Tallahassee on Tuesday at the Cowhaus, an alternative music
club. I may try to catch them there but they will also be at
the Pensacola Musicfest 2000 and I'll be there.

Rich Gonzalez wrote:
> Well, I'm gonna have to take you up on your suggestion. Going to see
> this band today.
> Everyone seems to like them.
> Rich G.
> > The Downchild Blues Band. Literally a Canadian blues institution. This past
> > June they celebrated their 30th anniversary in the music business. They had
> > a major hit on Canadian radio stations back in the '70's with "Flip, Flop
> > and Fly", powered by the unique and powerful voice of Richard 'Hock' Walsh
> > (who recently passed away this past January). They were touring across
> > Canada before there was even any blues venues to play in and certainly
> > played a major role in paving the way for future generations of Canadian
> > blues bands.
> >
> > Co-founder Donnie Walsh is still leading the band and is very entertaining
> > on both harp and guitar. They are doing quite a few gigs throughout Florida
> > in the next little while and I would highly recommend seeing them if you get
> > a chance.
> >
> > You can visit their web site at which also has up
> > to date gig listings.
> >
> > Dale Schimpf
> >

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